Lux 1064 YAG Laser - Palomar Starlux 500

Lux 1064 YAG Laser - Palomar Starlux 500

Brand: Palomar
Product Code: NYL-1016
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Palomar LUX 1064 YAG Laser Hand Piece For Sale 

Palomer StarLUX 1064 Hand Piece

Add this Lux 1064 YAG hand piece to the lineup of hand pieces used with the Palomar Starlux 500. Comfortably clears a variety of leg vessels, from the smaller red vessels to the larger blue reticular leg veins. This handpiece can also be used for laser hair removal on darker skin types.


NY Laser Outlet offers this Lux 1064 YAG for sale at a very competative price. The 1064 handpiece has been fully refurbished. This is not the case when you buy on Ebay, which after a repair call will end up being much more expensive. NY Laser Outlet specializes in repairing aesthetic lasers, specifically Palomar. Additionally, we have a variety of cosmetic lasers for sale. Below please find a list of manufacturers, look through to find the cosmetic lasers that is best for you.

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