Palomar LuxV Handpiece- Starlux 500

Palomar LuxV Handpiece- Starlux 500

Brand: Palomar
Product Code: NYL-1021
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Palomar Starlux 500 LuxV Handpiece – Refurbished

Lux V Handpiece For Sale

The Palomar Starlux 500 IPL’s LuxV handpiece is a great addition to your cosmetic practice to help treat and prevent acne. NY Laser Outlet offers this refurbished used Lux V hand piece for sale at a significantly reduced price. Saving money on the hand piece will allow you to be profitable on the investment much quicker, without having to sacrifice the quality of the IPL equipment.

All our cosmetic laser hand pieces have been refurbished to be “like new”.

Refurbishment process includes:

  • New Flash Lamps
  • Polishing the Crystal
  • Resetting the shot count
  • Testing the energy

Be very careful when looking to buy used Palomar IPL equipment online. Be sure you see the equipment in working order before you make a purchase. Additionally, buying hand pieces which have not recently been serviced will risk having poor results on patients. The goal is to grow your practice and deliver high quality results. Please only buy from reputable companies that you can face-time or Skype to ensure what you see is what you get. We encourage people to come visit our showroom.


  • LuxR
  • LuxRs
  • LuxY
  • LuxYs
  • LuxV
  • LuxG
  • MaxG

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