LuxRs 500 Handpiece - Palomar Starlux

LuxRs 500 Handpiece - Palomar Starlux

Brand: Palomar
Product Code: NYL-1015
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Lux Rs 500 Handpiece For Sale

Buy A Used LuxRs 500 Handpiece Fully Refubished 

NY Laser Outlet has a fully refurbished used Lux Rs handpiece for sale at a significant discount. The Palomar Starlux500 IPL machine offers the LuxRs handpiece for IPL hair removal on small hard to reach areas. The Lux Rs handpiece is a perfect complement the Lux R handpiece which is able to treat a larger area.

Lux Rs is perfect for small areas such as the bikini, face and underarms. The Lux Rs handpiece treats skin types including tanned skin. Add the LuxRs handpiece to your cosmetic IPL machine to offer higher quality treatments for smaller areas for your patients and deliver better results.

LuxRs Hanpiece Refurbishment Process Includes:

  • Brand New Flash Lamps
  • Polishing the Crystal
  • Testing the energy to ensure optimal energy emission
  • Resetting the shot count
  • Calibration

By buying the refurbished used Lux Rs handpiece you will have a much lower upfront cost with an excellent quality handpiece to help your business generate additional revenue. NY Laser Outlet is a full service business for all your Palomar service and sales needs.

NY Laser Outlet offers other Palomar Starlux500 Handpieces for sale as well, including:

  • LuxR
  • LuxRs
  • LuxY
  • LuxYs
  • LuxV
  • LuxG
  • MaxG

Be aware when looking to buy Palomar equipment in the second hand used market online. Be certain to always skype or facetime the other party you are doing business with to ensure they have the handpiece of machine and you see it actually working. It is great to buy used and refurbished equipment and save money, however you still need to be very careful.

We encourage clients to come visit our showroom and test out all the equipment before they make a decision. Feel free to call us anytime with any questions. 

Toll Free: 1-800-887-1966


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