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  • Lumenis Lightsheer Duet
    Used Lumenis Lighsheer Duet For Sale - Fully Refurbished Lumenis Lightsheer Duet NY Laser Outlet offers fully refurbished Lumenis LightSheer DUET cosmetic equipment for sale at significantly reduced prices compared to manufacturers. The LightSheer Duet is a fantastic aesthetic laser for hair r..
  • Diode 808-810nm Goggles
    Diode 808/810nm Protective Eyewear Highest Quality NY Laser Outlet offers the highest quality and most affordable protective eyewear available. These goggles are crafted to provide your eyes with optimal protection from the Diode 808/810nm wavelenght. Using just any goggles will negativly..
  • Lumenis Lightsheer EC
    Used Lumenis LightSheer EC For Sale Lumenis LightSheer EC This fully refurbished Lumenis LightSheer EC is available for sale in our New York showroom. The LightSheer EC is an amazingly compact cosmetic laser which offers fast hair removal treatments. As a doctor or medical spa owner, having a ..
  • Lumenis Lightsheer ET
    Used Lumenis Lightsheer ET For Sale Lumenis LightSheer ET NY Laser Outlet offers refurbished Lumenus LightSheer cosmetic lasers for sale. The benefits of this machine is that it is a compact and easy to use cosmetic laser for quick hair removal. It can treat all types of hair color and skin ty..
  • Lumenis Lightsheer XC
    Preowned Lumenis LightSheer XC For Sale Lumenis LightSheer XC NY Laser Outlet offers fully refurbished, used Lumenis LightSheer XC cosmetic laser for sale. The Lumenis LightSheer XC is a very similar to the Lumenis LightSheer ET and Lumenis LightSheer EC – the difference with this model is the..