Magma Spark

Magma Spark

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The Magma Spark

Premium Is Now the New Standard

Presenting the new standard in hair removal systems: the MAGMA Spark 808nm Diode cosmetic laser device. The MAGMA Spark boasts amazing speeds of treatment, customized treatment methods, zero downtime, and contact cooling. It’s a perfect fit for modern clinics. Armed with a melanin-meter and five treatment modes, the MAGMA Spark simplifies the process and provides efficient and safe treatments for all types of skin - even tanned skin!

5 Treatment Mechanisms

The Magma Spark is the only device to provide all typical treatment mechanisms in one system. The five energy modes are developed to provide efficient and safe treatments for just about every skin type (I-VI), resulting in customized treatment methods with intended outcomes.

1. Slow - Up to 40J/cm2
2. Medium - Accumulative
3. Quick and Painless - Up to 10 Hz 
4. 100ms - Best for skin type V
5. 400ms - Best for skin type VI 

Minimal Down Time

Fast workflow and minimal downtime between treatments. A state of the art internal cooling system keeps the device running at low core temperatures, making the MAGMA Spark available to use at the practitioner’s discretion.

Melanin Reader

Practitioners don’t have to worry about burn risks and can offer customized treatments. The Melanin-Meter is a tiny diagnostic device that produces singular treatment programs based on live readings from a patient’s skin.


Get double the benefits with quick and pain-free modes. You can provide painless treatments at speeds of up to 10 pulses per second. FDA-approved and clinically proven, the quick and pain-free modes can be utilized on all types of skin, including tanned skin.


The Frame and Sapphire cooling technology make the patient feel at ease. The chances of burns during treatments are unlikely as the tip can be cooled down to 4 degrees C°. By making use of the applicator tip’s whole surface area, the Frame and Sapphire technology develops a similar cooling effect that keeps the skin cool for a lengthy duration.

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