Magma Laser Platform

Magma Laser Platform

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The Magma Platform

Fast, Effective and Painless Multi Laser Platform

A completely customizable device, the MAGMA Platform reflects the future of medical aesthetic devices. The multifunctional combination of 808nm Diode Laser, 1064nm Nd:YAG and IPL technologies provides a single system approach for all of the most common light-based therapies and enables professional practitioners to deliver a multi-purpose range of treatments and synergistic treatment protocols. The Magma Platform has an industry leading 26-month warranty, a testament to the reliability and dependability of the brand new technology coming out of Israel. 

3 Powerful technologies in one system

Allows practitioners an all-inclusive range of treatments for Permanent Hair Reduction, Vascular Lesions, Photo-Rejuvenation, Pigmented Lesions, Acne and Stretch Marks.

The absolute advantage of the MAGMA Platform is not only in the combination of these 3 technologies, but each distinct technology includes significant advantages when compared to competitors:

  • The 808nm Diode Laser: Included in the ALD and LLD Applicators, it is one of the fastest and least painful hair removal systems and the ideal choice for high-volume Hair Removal, offering quick, effective and painless therapies with a maximum coverage area of up to 18 cm² per second.
  • The 1064nm Nd:YAG: Long lifetime, averaging at 6 times the amount of pulses relative to a traditional Nd:Yag applicator. Forma-tk's Nd:YAG Applicator is designed with three exchangeable tips, an advanced cooling system and a diode pointer for optimal accuracy and significantly less discomfort.
  • The IPL Applicators:: Introducing the highest pulse density in the world (22J/cm² in 5ms), Forma-tk’s IPL Applicators provides a wide selection of treatment outcomes and a new paradigm for treatment effectiveness, diminished discomfort and outstanding results. The applicators also enable practitioners to custom tailor their ‘Applicator Menu’ based on the most common treatments performed in their practice.

Complete treatment control and enhanced safety

As all professional practitioner will affirm, when it comes to cosmetic treatments, there is simply no one solution that meets the needs of all patients. The three technologies offered in the MAGMA Platform provides aesthetic professionals with a wide selection of treatments as well as a synergistic approach to healing. This includes treatment procedures that merge components of each technology, and enables a customized approach for treatments established by each patient’s skin type and treatment stage.

The MAGMA System offers the flexibility of numerous treatment modes. Treatment flow and mode choices are made simple by incorporating the use of the Melanin-meter (a diagnostic device). The Melanin-meter collects accurate readings of Melanin concentration levels in the skin and advises on a suitable treatment program. This enables the practitioner to have better control, improved efficiency and diminished risk for all skin types.

Fast & Painless treatments around the clock

Your time is important! That’s why the MAGMA Platform is designed to make certain that the device works for you, rather than the other way around. Key elements introduced:

  • State of the art components: Including the latest technology and highest caliber of components for Fast & Painless treatment flows across all functions and for all skin types.
  • Dual chiller cooling system: Featuring Zero downtime, even at room temperatures as high as 27.5 °C.

Advance to Magma and offer more!

The Magma system provides a unique integration of Diode Laser, Nd:YAG and IPL treatments, which together enables diverse and comprehensive methods that optimize the treatments result.

A wide range of advance treatments:

  • Hair Removal  (Using Diode Laser, Nd:YAG and IPL)
  • Active Acne
  • Vascular Lesions (Cappilaries and Leg veins)
  • Photorejuvenation
  • Pigmented Lesions Removal
  • Skin Whitening
  • Nail Fungus

Includes these distinct technologies

IPL-USP - Ultra Short Pulse 

This technology encompasses effective body hair reduction without the extra risk of skin damage that can happen with other body hair reduction equipment in the market. The reason is because of the applicator's pulse duration, which is kept at under 15 milliseconds, permitting it to take advantage of the hair's thermal relaxation time (TRT, at 10-15 milliseconds). At the most effective pulse range, the light pulse targets the hair at the exact time and inhibits collateral skin damage.

Relevent Applicators:

F-SR      B-SR       F-AC 
F-HR      B-HR  

IPL-UPC - Ultra Pulse Control

This technology employs a larger light guide to control Body Hair reduction. By expanding the size of the light guide to 6.5 cm² , the IPL-UPC shortens treatment duration without reducing effectiveness, safety or quality of the treatment.

Relevent Applicators:
SR      HR

Diode Laser - 808nm

The 808nm diode laser ensures safe, effective and painless hair reduction treatments. 5 modes of operation exist, making sure that each pulse emitted is the most applicable and safe choice. The modes comprise the Fast mode which permits uninterrupted and painless work-flow and drastically shortens treatment time. The 808nm long wavelength ensures the ability to treat all skin types.

Relevent Applicators:


The 1064nm Nd:YAG is an effective and safe technology for Vascular Lesions and Hair Removal treatments. The long wavelength allows light to penetrate deep into the skin to treat small veins, heating and destroying the vessels. Over time the destroyed veins are reabsorbed and disappear. Deep and fine hair removal is also effectively achieved by using Nd:Yag technology.

Relevent Applicators:

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

Rotating treatments between the laser and the IPL applicator has proven to deliver better results to patients in few treatments. The Magma Platrorm breings together all the technologies which are needed to properly deliver clients a full treatment cycle into one lightweight, easy to use machine. 


Magma Navigation Display













The Magma system is designed with a new and advance touch screen enabling practitioners the ability to customize the treatment with just a few touches. The screen provides practitioners with complete control over each part of the treatment. The touch screen offers practitioners total control over each pulse width, level and mode. In addition, the system offers the choice of ‘Skin type’ according to Fitzpatrick classification scale.

Together, these features assure more accurate and personalized treatment, resulting in a safer and more effective treatment. Maximum safety and efficiency are attained using the Melanin-Meter device. Actual reading of the patient melanin levels are instantly inputted into the system using the advance touch screen, ensuring optimal results. Additional information pertaining to the system status, applicator readiness and pulse count are provided in real-time.

There are seven optional languages (English, Russian, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese and German).

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