Forma Platform

Forma Platform

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The Forma System is a multi-use apparatus that provides four cutting-edge technologies: Bi-Polar RF, IPL, Diamond Peeling and Ultrasonic. This strong and adjustable package lets skilled practitioners offer a vast variety of treatment results without jeopardizing safety.

The Forma System was specially created to provide the highest standards of both effectiveness and safety while serving practitioners in the modern medical aesthetics industry.

4 Original Technologies

SMART-ST: In 2015 Forma-tk issued a new innovative development in Skin Tightening and RF Treatments. The new SMART-ST technology presents a total overhaul of the conventional RF Pulse, and gives practitioners an efficient and secure solution with minimal unpleasantness.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL): Forma-tk’s IPL applicators feature the greatest pulse density possible (22J/cm² in 5ms), and provide a large variety of treatment solutions, setting a new standard for effective medical care, decreased discomfort and fantastic results. It lets practitioners adjust their ‘applicator menu’ according to the most typical treatments implemented in their clinic.

Diamond Peeling: the diamond peeling applicator is comprised of a mechanical orbit of diamond-coated disks. A quartet of variations differ in degrees and sizes, which make way for polishing, peeling, and smoothing of various skin types.

R-Sonic: Using a special mix of Ultrasonic and RF, this well-known applicator completely administers treatment for small wrinkles, presenting a “mini face lift” with non-intrusive meso-therapy.

The Forma System serves as the greatest business option for growing and established clinics.

  • A lone system eliminates the need to purchase several devices - you won’t have to buy multiple systems. The most frequently used treatment applicators come with the Forma System.
  • No extra and costly consumables.
  • The Forma System is completely composed of standardized units - as your clinic gets bigger, you can integrate new applicators and enlarge your treatment options without buying an all-new system.
  • Takes up minimal space. Lack of extra equipment means more space for your patients.


The Forma System is outfitted with an advanced touch screen, letting practitioners customize the treatment with a few pushes of a button. The touch screen gives practitioners total control over every pulse level, width, and mode. Further, the system presents ‘skin type’ options based on the Fitzpatrick classification scale.

As a whole, these options provide more precise and tailored solutions, producing a more secure and efficient treatment. 

More details about the applicator readiness, system status, and pulse count are offered in real-time. It can also project information in seven different languages (Spanish, Russian, French, Italian, German, Portuguese and English).