Q-Switch 532 & 1064nm Goggles

Q-Switch 532 & 1064nm Goggles

Brand: Cynosure
Product Code: NYL-0003
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Q-Switch 532 &1064nm Protective Eyewear

Highest Quality

NY Laser Outlet offers the highest quality and most affordable protective eyewear available. These goggles are crafted to provide your eyes with optimal protection while firing your Q-Switch tattoo removal laser. Using just any goggles may jeopardize your eye sight in the long run. Order today and get the best quality Q-switch 532 and 1064nm goggles available on the market. 

Compatible Lasers:

  • Medlight C2
  • Medlight C3
  • Medlight C4
  • Medlight C6
  • Revlite
  • Revlite SI
  • Picosure
  • Candela Picoway
  • Quanta Prima Pico
  • Quanta Evo Q-plus
  • Quanta Evo MDK
  • Quanta Studio

NY Laser Outlet offers these protective laser glasses with warranty:

  • Polycarbonate Laser Shield goggles-hard coated and unbreakable
  • Laser protection and absorptive dyes molded into the plastic.
  • All specifications guaranteed.
  • Will not photobleach or degrade over time.
  • Unlikely surface scratches have no effect on laser protection.
  • Converging protection with comfort and style

Taking care of your eyesight is critically important when working with laser and IPL devices. Our goggles are fitted and are tailored to you for safety, with style.The Alexandrite wavelength of 755nm and YAG wavelength of 1064nm are protected with these goggles.


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