Cutera Titan S Handpiece

Cutera Titan S Handpiece

Brand: Cutera
Product Code: NYL-1001
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Used Cutera Titan-S Handpiece For Sale - Fully Refurbished

Cutera Titan - S Handpiece

NY Laser Outlet offers this refurbished used Cutera Titan S handpiece for sale. The hand piece has undergone a full refurbishment to be “like new”. Buy this rebuild, used Cutera Titan S handpiece and start offering skin tightening treatments to your patients. In addition to offering additional hand pieces to our clients, we refurbish your existing Cutera hand piece.

NY Laser Outlet fully rebuilds and refurbishes the Cutera Titan-S handpiece for sale, including:

  • Brand New Flashlamp
  • Reset Shot Count
  • New Flow Tube
  • Fully Calibrated
  • 90 Day Warranty

The Cutera Titan S handpiece can perform skin tightening treatments on the face, neck, abs and extremities. Patients looking for the skin tightening procedures are generally not ready for skin tightening surgery and are looking for an alternative. Buying this Titan S handpiece will allow you to cater to these patients with a very minimal investment.

Before you buy a used Cutera Titan S handpiece online, be sure to face-time or skype the seller to be sure it is working and emitting the proper energy. Looking for the least expensive handpiece on sale may lead to expensive repairs once you receive the equipment.

We encourage our clients to come visit our showroom. We fully service all Cutera equipment. Additionally, we sell Cutera Lasers including the Vantage, XEO and Titan. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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