Candela DI Filter

Candela DI Filter

Brand: Candela
Product Code: NYL-5001
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Candela DI-Filter

Candela DI-Filter For Sale

DI Filter’s purify the water that runs through your Candela cosmetic laser. The water runs through the machine and some areas build up bacteria, this is especially true when the machine sits idle for long periods of time.

The Candela DI Filter is designed specifically for Candela machines. When the machine runs all the water flows through the DI filter and comes out purified. This way any bacteria that was there is no longer running through the machine. The buildup can seriously damage the Candela machine if it get stuck in other parts of the equipment.

For this reason it is critical you make sure your Candela DI-Filter is changed regularly. Doing this will prevent issues form occurring in other parts of your aesthetic laser machine where non-pure particles can get stuck and cause expensive damage.

This package contains 1 De-ionization cartridge water filter for Candela laser machine. This is also known as a Candela DI Filter. The Candela DI filter is MADE in the USA.  

This DI water filter will fit the following Candela machines:

  • GentleLASE
  • GentleYAG
  • GentleLASE Plus
  • GentleLASE Mini
  • GentleYAG Mini

NY Laser Outlet’s mission is to help doctors, med spa’s and technicians access repairs, service, hand piece, parts and cosmetic lasers at a fraction of the cost the manufacturers charge.

We offer other parts as well for Candela Lasers – such as:

  • Distance Gauges
  • Cryo Caps (if yours breaks or is damaged)
  • Fibers
  • Windows
  • Flash Lamps
  • Focus Lens
  • Foot Pedal
  • Head Rebuild

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