Candela Cryogen Cap/ Cover

Candela Cryogen Cap/ Cover

Brand: Candela
Product Code: NYL-5021
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Price: $425.00

Candela Cryogen Cap

NY Laser Outlet works to ensure we have any part you may need available for you. Sometimes we have seen Cryogen Cap covers break for Candela. We have made available Cryogen Caps for our clients to ensure the Candela machine looks proper.

In the event your Cryogen cap breaks, we have this available for sale. The Cryogen cover protects the cryogen on the Candela laser equipment products catalog.

Cryogen Cap for the following Candela Machines;

  • GentleLASE Mini
  • Gentle YAG Mini
  • GentleLASE
  • Gentle YAG

We also offer parts for your Candela GentleLASE such as:

  • Distance Gauges
  • DI Filter
  • Fibers
  • Windows
  • Flash Lamps
  • Focus Lens
  • Foot Pedal
  • Head Rebuild

This is an original cover for the Candela Cryogen. This is a used part in excellent condition and is ready to be shipped out today.

NY Laser Outlet offers parts, repair, service, rental, leasing and we also sell Candela cosmetic equipment. We work to help you with all your cosmetic laser needs to ensure your practice is working as efficiently as possible. 

Please contact us with questions or large quantities.


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